Our Philosophy

Baehr Taekwondo teaches the “militarized” or “traditional” taekwondo style that would eventually become known as ITF style. This is a style that has been taught to the Korean military. It is quite different from WTF style taekwondo, which focuses mainly on preparing students for Olympic style free sparring.

Our school is right for you if...

  • You want the genuine article. We teach genuine, authentic, and focused Taekwondo and Hapkido: two complementary Korean martial arts that (when taught together) form an effective and complete system for personal self-defence.
  • You prefer to earn credentials rather than buy them. At our school, we don't pressure students to test. Belts are earned through proper demonstration of technique, not automatically awarded for attendance or submission of a test fee.
  • Your schedule doesn't allow you to attend a martial arts school with a fixed class schedule. We understand that people can have unusual or irregular work schedules that make it impossible to attend classes on specific days and times. We can work around your schedule and find times that work for you.
  • You enjoy the flexibility of having a curriculum that is customized to your needs. We realize that everyone is different. Therefore, we adapt our program to suit what you need. We accept adults of all ages and body types. Our goal is to make you better, and to do it in a way that keeps you safe.
  • You want to avoid the bumps, bruises, and black eyes. For those that request it, we offer a no-contact curriculum that allows students to avoid most (if not all) of the injuries associated with martial arts training.